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    A perfect digital identity

    - Prints and digital graphics
    - Web sites, portals and e-commerce
     - Photo, video, audio and multimedia
    - Marketing, social marketing and SEO

    We gather around the concept of digital identity everything that represents you on the web and in the media. Once you have created and implemented your digital identity, we will make it grow with the right advertising and marketing campaigns via email and on the main social networks.

    Digital identity

    What is a perfect digital identity?
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    Cut off company costs

    A customized web platform to make many operations automatically saving up resources, money and time.

    Taglio dei costi aziendali

    This tool is customized for every business process. From automated management of entire departments managing orders, invoicing, warehouse and any other operation you will want to automate, to maintain the customer relationship.

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Ask a free detailed analysis of your current website and SEO performances, we will give you a report with tricks to achieve the target: a perfect digital image. Create yours.


About us

About us

Thanks to the know-how of a team of innovators, Geeks Studios clarifies the market by providing services perfectly aligned with the demands of the pioneer web companies like Google, Yahoo, and others.

The team is punctual, creative and goes beyond the reality of every web agency, guaranteeing a sublime result suitable for today's reality, where the care of the company image and the written contents guarantees, accompanying everything with targeted marketing campaigns, a correct and competitive online visibility.

We work to optimize everything that is published down to the smallest detail, saving a lot of money on online strategic marketing campaigns, which will perform their function without complications.


  • Business analysis
    Business analysis
  • Automations developing
    Automations developing
  • Marketing strategy
    Marketing strategy
  • Digital creations
    Digital creations
  • Social projection
    Social projection
  • New technologies
    New technologies


Customers, collaborators and partners appreciate our availability and transparency.

The study of the projects starts from the creation of a concept, which will be transformed into an identifying brand to be commercialized. This is undoubtedly the most important phase, responsible for definitive and continuous company image, essence of the own business reality.

After this phase there is a period in which we create the necessary stuff to carry out a large-scale marketing campaign (not only on the web).

From the website to paper posters, from visiting cards to weekly or daily newspaper articles. 360 degrees of marketing to reach new customers and expand your business on the market with the right dose of imprinting, enhancing positively.

Sponsorship on the social networks is the last goal, with targeted and planned campaigns, in order to highlight the initial phase of imprinting and start to collect new testimonials and concrete results.

Each marketing campaign is built and customized after analyzing the customer's company, calculating the right path to achieve business goals.

If you want to request information write to us or contact us by phone, we will be happy to help you to achieve all business goals.



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